How Sports and Health Are More Related These Days

Nowadays we find ourselves trapped in what we could call “technology era” with mobile phones, internet and other cool gadgets that are invented just to make our life easier. What we don’t see is that we have forgotten to keep in touch with a healthy way of living that includes: enough sleeping hours, a simple diet with regular eating hours and more important exercises.

No matter what is the sport you choose to practice and neither the level of performance, it is important just to give at least one hour daily to a sport activity. It has been proven hundreds of times that exercises do make our bodies look slimmer and healthier, also making our lives longer and happier with endorphins being released in our blood stream after any sport activity. If this is not enough to convince you that health is strongly related to daily sport activity, than we could mention just a few diseases that are provoked by lack of physical activity. Obesity is, of course, in top of these disease and countries like U.S.A. confront with a real national issue with more than a quarter of the total population suffering from these disease.

Obesity is just the beginning in a long row of diseases that includes: heart problems, diabetes or even cancer. With that being said I believe that everyone should really take serious this matter and start exercising before it’s too late. Fortunately there are solution to do it anytime and anywhere. It is not necessary to woke up in the middle of the night, to put your jogging shoes and start running on streets. Now we have indoor steppers, running belts and even bicycles. Also it would be great if you could buy one of these machines equipped with sensors that can detect your heart rate as fat is only burned at a at rate of 120-140 beats per minute. Below this value of 120 BPM you will lose water, but as soon as you finish exercising you’ll drink it back. Over 140 BPM the proteins burned will be without any oxygen consumption and your fat deposits will stay the same. Better check this carefully as lots of people do exercises with little results leading to sport activity abandon and disappointments that the every try is doomed to failure.

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