Sport Injuries and Health Problems

Sport injuries are a very common thing among athletes, and maybe the most annoying one too. Picture it, you are at the top of your game, and suddenly you are struck by an injury and cannot train for a longer period of time. It is most frustrating, it sets back your progress, and sometimes even completely stops you from ever playing or participating in a sporting event again. Of course, there are many ways to prevent this from happening, but sometimes it is not up to you at all.

A sports injury is described as an injury that happens to athletes participating in sporting events. They are most caused by an overuse of a certain body part, but the other type, which is much more painful usually, are traumatic injuries. These mostly occur in contact sports (like football, handball, American football etc), due to the fact that there is a lot of collision involved between players. Such collisions have huge amounts of force, and it is no surprise that this can lead to broken bones or even organ damage. Other sports injuries also include muscle strain, a tear of the muscle fibers, contusions, where the small blood vessels are damaged causing bleeding within the tissue, and ligament sprain, a stretched or torn ligament. All these injuries lead to inflammation, causing pain, heat, redness, loss of function and local swelling. This is usually the same for all internal injuries for the first few days.

To prevent such injuries from even showing up, athletes warm-up before any physical training they do. These warm-ups include stretching, raising the heart pulse, and slowly starting any activity, not rushing into it. Sports injuries can also be prevented by using proper equipment, which is constantly being improved to minimize any such injury.

Sport injuries can happen to all sorts of body parts, like foots, toes, legs, ankles, knees, thighs, hips, back, shoulders, elbows. The most common injuries, or the most commonly injured body parts are:

Knee injuries are one of the most occurring sport injuries. This is due to the fact that made up of four different parts, and because in almost any sport you need to use your legs, and this can easily wear off the components in your knee. With a knee injury you can have difficulties walking, any may even need a replacement.

Dislocations are injuries where the ends of your bones are forced out of position. This happens often in contact sports, and recovery can last for a couple of weeks. You cannot move that joint during that time.

Fractures are breaks of the bones. These can happen due to overuse of certain body parts. The bone will not usually break all the way, but it will have tiny fractures in it. To recover from this you will sometimes need to wear a cast, or even have surgery, which uses screws, plates or pins to keep the bones in place.

Other health problems in sports that can sideline a player are diseases. They are all human, and a therefore affected by all sorts of colds, coughs or some other, maybe even more dangerous diseases. But the most harmful thing that can happen to an athlete are organ problems. Such an example is Spain’s footballer Ruben de la Red. He is only 25 years old, and he had to end his promising sports career because of serious heart problems, which even caused him to collapse during a game back in 2008. It is a sad a cruel faith for any players, because he spent his whole life working hard to achieve something in sports, only to have it all taken from him.

Sports injuries are a common thing in sporting events. The best way to prevent them is with proper warm-up and usage of good equipment, but sometimes nothing can help you from stopping participating in the sport you love.

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Outsource Manufacturing of Sports and Health Drink Beverages – Decision Criteria

Not long ago, an overseas acquaintance inquired about what sorts of criteria a health or sports beverage drink company ought to consider when determining to outsource production or not. Well, this is a very good question no doubt, and I’d say there are several concerns such as; proprietary information, trust, supply chain food safety, and ability to actually deliver on time and as promised. Okay so, let’s explore some of these factors for a moment shall we? Now then, here are the questions I was asked to comment on:

A- What criteria should be used to choose an outsourced manufacturer?
B- If the company is only offering one product in its line is GMP a primary concern?
C- Can the recipe and proprietary information be protected if the product is outsourced?

As we get into the meat of this discussion you can see how critical all these things are from a business standpoint right? Let me give you some of my thoughts on these 3 questions above in greater detail to give you a better understanding if I might.

A- Supply Chain Trust, Cost, and Safety. Consider reliable fresh water supply, filters. This would preclude some cities in many East Asia areas. Also, corruption, cheating, and Six Sigma attention to details – is crucial, further I’d be weary of their vendors too. Remember Pierre Water fiasco, or the sports drink “Arginine Extreme” and Jessica Hardy the swimmer. Reputation to the consumer is paramount, so is food safety, especially to consumers in modernized nations.

Regarding “cost” we must also realize that it only makes sense to outsource while the product demand is small, once demand is large the economies of scale may change the cost-benefits to in-house production. However, a vendor making your product losing the account may steal the ingredients and sell it under a different name or sell it to your competitors in the markets you are selling into.

Think about the quality control and careful care in secrecy to Pepsi’s recipes. Trust is a serious issue. Of course, McDonalds carried the same potato supplier for 40-years, which worked out good for them. Manufacturing in China has challenges, and in the EU or USA costs are prime factors. Turkey has been considered a nice place to manufacture, but inflation there is a problem. South America is decent – Peru, Brazil, Chile?

B- When it comes to good manufacturing processes, hands-down the EU and USA are tops, but China is in many cases stepping up to the plate with pharmaceuticals, and they had better if they wish to maintain growth in that sector. Another challenge is those contract companies which are sophisticated enough in Asia to use proper GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes – similar to TQM, ISO 9000, or Six Sigma) – well, such companies are most likely already working with other firms, perhaps even your competitors. So, remember; “loose lips sink ships” and keeping secrets when there is monetary incentive to give away secrets is not so likely in China, really it’s a problem everywhere (Cite: WSJ Article; “FBI’s New Campaign Targets Corporate Espionage,” by Evan Perez, May 11, 2012).

C- This last question really hits the nail on the head, but if the company is expanding rapidly and modifying its formulas, then you’d be one step ahead of the competition. Let’s say you were going to take the active long-life molecule in red wine “resveratrol” and grape-seed extract, and mix it with honey, cinnamon, carrot juice, ginseng, caffeine, and electrolytes – in this case you’d want to send the manufacturing contractor at least some of the ingredients without telling them what they were, and never allow those ingredients to be shipped directly from your supplier, with a NDA from each and every supplier. Will this help secrecy – yes, in the short term, but not over all.

If you mixed something like Ray Kurzweil’s longevity mineral and vitamin list into a liquid concoction, then the ingredients is so vast, no one would care to try to duplicate it, so you win merely due to the challenges of the supply chain in acquiring these components; As you can see it’s a long list indeed. Also, the price point could be quite high, as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs predicts that self-preservation is a very strong human need.

Thus, the three biggest criteria are;

1. Supply Chain Food Safety
2. Proprietary Information and Recipes
3. Trust in Vendors

Any salesman from any vendor company will promise you the world at a fair price, but what you might get is an unending can of worms in the end. So, “trust no one” especially if they are human, and if you are going to trust humans, VERIFY with spot-checks, redundancy, and micro-management of the process and supply chain, take nothing for granted. The reputation of your company is paramount, considering the speed of information flow online – one mistake, recall of products, ruins the company, so attention to detail is a must. Please consider all this.

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Sports and Health Clubs: Good for Health, but are they Worth the Money?

In every country of world, if people living there were given an option between death and remain alive forever, the answer will be an unequivocal wish to live forever. Yes, people do not want to taste death; however it has come to stay. In the alternative, man could live for many decades – 70, 80 or rarely, up to 100 years – and enjoy good healthy, strong frame and disease free. Unfortunately, remaining healthy throughout one’s life before death comes knocking continue to defy most people. But due to the crucially of excellent health as a determinant of wealth, happiness, top performances which are vital to social, cultural and spiritual well-being, people are ever on the prowl – searching for creative ways to stay healthy at all cost.

Sports and health clubs to the rescue?

From special drugs, to supplements to healthy foods and abstinence from synthetic foods, or observing physical exercises regimen, every health-conscious individual has many options to achieve this life-long ambition of staying throughout his life. Some people regularly carry out personal exercises such as walk-out, running around the neighborhood, tone up in the gym, yet the preference to join a sports and health club under strict expert guidance is extremely alluring. Some benefits of sports and health club. Apart from obtaining expert’s guidance, a well-run club provides regular and motivating physical and psychological exercise formula for members to follow in a well-structured atmosphere, where emergency response and safeguards are also available. Members could stay more focus on their programs and achieve perfect results while enjoying constant support and advice. Also, such clubs do offer opportunity for members to discover and possibly learn new games or sports, while enabling them to perfect desired sports like swimming, tennis and so on. An ideal club provides its members latest health equipments such as cardiovascular machines. In addition, members enjoy the indoor benefits because they can decide to visit the club and exercise during undesirable weathers, such as extreme cold or hot seasons.

More benefits

Even the obese have access to special programs that will drain away their excess fat under the watchful eyes of experts, just as management of stress and smoking cessation are available in most sports and health clubs. Also, many parents are known to introduce their kids to healthy programs so as to make them appreciate benefits of sports activities as they grow up. For most executives and busy people, sports and health clubs empower them to rediscover lost energy, enhance supreme performances, and meet new friends and possibly strike new business deals. Most clubs have special programs for the physically and diseased-challenged such as diabetes and arthritis.

Are they worth the price?

If you only judge from the above mentioned benefits, it will be easy to shout “yes” but, the issue of money is as crucial just as health cannot be wished away. So, most people want a justifiable balance between the two. That is, affordable membership fees to join for sports and health clubs. So, in order to answer the genuine questions of millions of people complaining against what they perceived as high costs, some smart club entrepreneurs have set up cheaper packages. Another way you can enjoy affordable participation is to search online for some companies that presently dish out special coupons or discount for those that visit their websites and fill out registration forms

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Sport and Health Care

It has been widely known for many years that there is a strong correlation between sport and health care. This is why many research facilities stress qualitative sport research, health and performance psychology, biomechanics and exercise physiology, but if you are solely an individual without access to all of those, what are you to do to increase your health care if you play in sports?

Many sport enthusiasts as well as sport athletes rely on sport or athlete supplements in order to improve their particular sports performance. This type of action has led to some medications being banned, but this does not apply to just supplements, and there are athletes who take them just to remain healthy. Thus the question now is what is in common health supplements and how do they correlate to sport and health care?

Creatine. Your body already produces this via your pancreas, liver and kidneys. It is also found in fish and meats in general. Creatine is used to improve the body’s strength. Athletes who participate in power lifting or sprinting benefit the most from it.
Country mallow. This particular plant supplement is known under many names such as Bala, white Mallow, Silky White Mallow, Sida Cordifolia, Malva-Branca-Sedosa, Malva-Branca, Khareti, Indian Chikana, Heartleaf, and Bariar. Both of its seeds and roots are used as ingredients in supplements and it is used to improve energy.
Bitter orange. Its Latin name is Citrus aurantium and it is actually created from an orange’s dried fruit, peel, leaves and flowers. It is used to keep weight down or even for weight loss.
Epimedium leaf extract. This particular Chinese herb has been widely used in order to treat sexual dysfunction, nerve and arthritic pain, as well as to treat fatigue.
Glucosamine. Glucosamine is naturally occurring in humans, but additional glucosamine supplements can stimulate cartilage growth, often found important to athletes.
Ribose. Out bodies create this naturally, as it is exceedingly important for energy. Thus this supplement gives better exercise performance as well as energy enhancement.

There are, of course many other general herbs and minerals found in natural supplements for those in sports, however we’ve covered the main ones only.

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