Promoting Sports And Health In Children Through Tennis Acrylic Surfaces

Tennis is not just a fun type of sport, but a healthy one as well. This sport has been played for several years but its popularity still remains. Tennis can even be played in different courts such as clay surfaces, grass courts and tennis acrylic surfaces. With the many benefits this sport offers, players are not just limited to adults; in fact, many parents encourage their children to take up tennis lessons and to turn the sport into a hobby.

Health Benefits of Tennis to Children

Tennis is a highly recommended sport for both adults and children because of its numerous benefits to the human body. When the proper techniques and stance are learned, one can develop this sport into a means of recreation and relaxation. So if you want your child to engage in tennis, then you can install an artificial turf or tennis acrylic surfaces, in your home so you and your child can play tennis anytime you want. To help you make up your mind, here are just some of the health benefits of tennis:

• Cardiovascular health – Tennis is a fun type of sport that involves running and swinging of the racket, which makes it a superb aerobic exercise. During this activity, the heart rate elevates, improving blood circulation throughout the body. And if this hobby continues as the children get older, they can prevent heart diseases, stroke and other debilitating disease.

• Mental health – Tennis not only uses physical strength but mental alertness as well. Your child can improve brain functions through the tactical skills and strategies utilised in this sport. Studies also show that children who engage in tennis at an early stage have high energy levels that could help them get through their daily activities.

• Musculoskeletal health – With regular physical activity, your child can improve his stamina and his joints and limbs will grow stronger and more flexible. Tennis does not focus in a certain body part as it is a holistic sport, which improves overall health.

• Immunity – When playing tennis, your child will surely feel thirsty and he will rehydrate every now and then. Increasing fluid intake and physical activity are just some of the essential steps to improve one’s immune system.

• Emotional health – Playing tennis can improve your child’s confidence as well as develop optimism. There are also studies suggesting that those who are exposed to this sport earlier in life have lower risk for depression, anxiety and emotional instability.

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How Sports and Health Are More Related These Days

Nowadays we find ourselves trapped in what we could call “technology era” with mobile phones, internet and other cool gadgets that are invented just to make our life easier. What we don’t see is that we have forgotten to keep in touch with a healthy way of living that includes: enough sleeping hours, a simple diet with regular eating hours and more important exercises.

No matter what is the sport you choose to practice and neither the level of performance, it is important just to give at least one hour daily to a sport activity. It has been proven hundreds of times that exercises do make our bodies look slimmer and healthier, also making our lives longer and happier with endorphins being released in our blood stream after any sport activity. If this is not enough to convince you that health is strongly related to daily sport activity, than we could mention just a few diseases that are provoked by lack of physical activity. Obesity is, of course, in top of these disease and countries like U.S.A. confront with a real national issue with more than a quarter of the total population suffering from these disease.

Obesity is just the beginning in a long row of diseases that includes: heart problems, diabetes or even cancer. With that being said I believe that everyone should really take serious this matter and start exercising before it’s too late. Fortunately there are solution to do it anytime and anywhere. It is not necessary to woke up in the middle of the night, to put your jogging shoes and start running on streets. Now we have indoor steppers, running belts and even bicycles. Also it would be great if you could buy one of these machines equipped with sensors that can detect your heart rate as fat is only burned at a at rate of 120-140 beats per minute. Below this value of 120 BPM you will lose water, but as soon as you finish exercising you’ll drink it back. Over 140 BPM the proteins burned will be without any oxygen consumption and your fat deposits will stay the same. Better check this carefully as lots of people do exercises with little results leading to sport activity abandon and disappointments that the every try is doomed to failure.

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Outsource Manufacturing of Sports and Health Drink Beverages – Decision Criteria

Not long ago, an overseas acquaintance inquired about what sorts of criteria a health or sports beverage drink company ought to consider when determining to outsource production or not. Well, this is a very good question no doubt, and I’d say there are several concerns such as; proprietary information, trust, supply chain food safety, and ability to actually deliver on time and as promised. Okay so, let’s explore some of these factors for a moment shall we? Now then, here are the questions I was asked to comment on:

A- What criteria should be used to choose an outsourced manufacturer?
B- If the company is only offering one product in its line is GMP a primary concern?
C- Can the recipe and proprietary information be protected if the product is outsourced?

As we get into the meat of this discussion you can see how critical all these things are from a business standpoint right? Let me give you some of my thoughts on these 3 questions above in greater detail to give you a better understanding if I might.

A- Supply Chain Trust, Cost, and Safety. Consider reliable fresh water supply, filters. This would preclude some cities in many East Asia areas. Also, corruption, cheating, and Six Sigma attention to details – is crucial, further I’d be weary of their vendors too. Remember Pierre Water fiasco, or the sports drink “Arginine Extreme” and Jessica Hardy the swimmer. Reputation to the consumer is paramount, so is food safety, especially to consumers in modernized nations.

Regarding “cost” we must also realize that it only makes sense to outsource while the product demand is small, once demand is large the economies of scale may change the cost-benefits to in-house production. However, a vendor making your product losing the account may steal the ingredients and sell it under a different name or sell it to your competitors in the markets you are selling into.

Think about the quality control and careful care in secrecy to Pepsi’s recipes. Trust is a serious issue. Of course, McDonalds carried the same potato supplier for 40-years, which worked out good for them. Manufacturing in China has challenges, and in the EU or USA costs are prime factors. Turkey has been considered a nice place to manufacture, but inflation there is a problem. South America is decent – Peru, Brazil, Chile?

B- When it comes to good manufacturing processes, hands-down the EU and USA are tops, but China is in many cases stepping up to the plate with pharmaceuticals, and they had better if they wish to maintain growth in that sector. Another challenge is those contract companies which are sophisticated enough in Asia to use proper GMPs (Good Manufacturing Processes – similar to TQM, ISO 9000, or Six Sigma) – well, such companies are most likely already working with other firms, perhaps even your competitors. So, remember; “loose lips sink ships” and keeping secrets when there is monetary incentive to give away secrets is not so likely in China, really it’s a problem everywhere (Cite: WSJ Article; “FBI’s New Campaign Targets Corporate Espionage,” by Evan Perez, May 11, 2012).

C- This last question really hits the nail on the head, but if the company is expanding rapidly and modifying its formulas, then you’d be one step ahead of the competition. Let’s say you were going to take the active long-life molecule in red wine “resveratrol” and grape-seed extract, and mix it with honey, cinnamon, carrot juice, ginseng, caffeine, and electrolytes – in this case you’d want to send the manufacturing contractor at least some of the ingredients without telling them what they were, and never allow those ingredients to be shipped directly from your supplier, with a NDA from each and every supplier. Will this help secrecy – yes, in the short term, but not over all.

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Sport and Health Care

It has been widely known for many years that there is a strong correlation between sport and health care. This is why many research facilities stress qualitative sport research, health and performance psychology, biomechanics and exercise physiology, but if you are solely an individual without access to all of those, what are you to do to increase your health care if you play in sports?

Many sport enthusiasts as well as sport athletes rely on sport or athlete supplements in order to improve their particular sports performance. This type of action has led to some medications being banned, but this does not apply to just supplements, and there are athletes who take them just to remain healthy. Thus the question now is what is in common health supplements and how do they correlate to sport and health care?

Creatine. Your body already produces this via your pancreas, liver and kidneys. It is also found in fish and meats in general. Creatine is used to improve the body’s strength. Athletes who participate in power lifting or sprinting benefit the most from it.
Country mallow. This particular plant supplement is known under many names such as Bala, white Mallow, Silky White Mallow, Sida Cordifolia, Malva-Branca-Sedosa, Malva-Branca, Khareti, Indian Chikana, Heartleaf, and Bariar. Both of its seeds and roots are used as ingredients in supplements and it is used to improve energy.
Bitter orange. Its Latin name is Citrus aurantium and it is actually created from an orange’s dried fruit, peel, leaves and flowers. It is used to keep weight down or even for weight loss.
Epimedium leaf extract. This particular Chinese herb has been widely used in order to treat sexual dysfunction, nerve and arthritic pain, as well as to treat fatigue.
Glucosamine. Glucosamine is naturally occurring in humans, but additional glucosamine supplements can stimulate cartilage growth, often found important to athletes.
Ribose. Out bodies create this naturally, as it is exceedingly important for energy. Thus this supplement gives better exercise performance as well as energy enhancement.

There are, of course many other general herbs and minerals found in natural supplements for those in sports, however we’ve covered the main ones only.

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